The Yukon Arctic Ultra: Humble Beginnings

The Yukon Arctic Ultra: Humble Beginnings

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Known as the toughest (and coldest) race on Earth, the Yukon Arctic Ultra isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether you’re going next year or simply want to know what its like to run it, this should give you a decent picture. All the background info to the race can be found on the official website:

Before I start, I want to acknowledge the efforts of all the volunteers and support crew that made the race possible, and of course, the race organiser Robert Pollhammer. For me personally though, these guys along with Robert really kept me going;

Diane – the heart and soul of the race, Rebecca – the lively doctor with all the drugs, Jo – for feeding me at the checkpoints, Gary – the fastest trail guide in the Yukon who rescued my gloves, Glen and Spencer – the trail guides who lifted my spirits whenever I saw them, Fabien who always helped at every checkpoint he was at despite a throat infection, Jessica who manned the checkpoint at Dog Grave lake, Sue and Dale who live at Pelly Farm and of course, all the athletes who were brave enough to stand on that start line.

Tim Williamson - Aug 10, 2012 | The Yukon Arctic Ultra
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